Sonic Rumble – Beta Sign Up

Sonic Rumble is a Fall Guys style 32 player party game where Sonic and pals race through obstacle courses in a toy world.

Coming to iOS and Android, Sonic Rumble is essentially SEGA’s take on Fall Guys, featuring everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog. It seems that Robotnik has trapped everyone in a twisted toy world and now they’ll have to compete in obstacle-filled races to escape. Expect the gameplay to be similar to Fall Guys, but with the characters having a bit more speed and agility.

It’s not ideal that it’s mobile only, but Sonic is a good fit for a Fall Guys style party game so it could be a lot of fun. The closed Beta starts on May 24th and registration closes on the 19th, so join up quick, you gotta be fast!

Sign Up For The Sonic Rumble Beta Here (iOS & Android)

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