Sonic Utopia – Prototype Download


Sonic Utopia is a fabulous fan made 3D sonic game that allows for fast paced and flowing gameplay and an enormous amount of different routes to take across its vast landscapes.

While Mario’s transition from 2D to 3D was a smooth experience, transferring Sonics high speed action platforming gameplay to the third dimension has never really hit the mark. Thankfully though the combined efforts of Mr Lange, Murasaki, Tpot, and PicsandPixels have created Sonic Utopia – easily the best 3D sonic game we’ve ever witnessed (possibly bar Sonic Dreams, but that’s a very different kettle of fish!)

The current build of Sonic Utopia offers one gigantic, sprawling level based on the iconic Greenhill Zone from the Sonic games. You can speedrun through the level in a few minutes with a bit of practice (once you’ve figured out your routes) but it’s worth taking your time too as this vast, vibrant world is packed full of secrets, beautiful vistas and alternate routes to experiment with.

The work Mr Lange and co. have done on Sonic Utopia is simply jaw dropping. With their version of Greenhill Zone they’ve created a vast open playground that’s a joy to take the speedy blue hedgehog for a spin in. We really can’t wait to see what else they have planned – somebody at Sega really needs to give these guys a job!

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Check Out a Sonic Utopia Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sonic Utopia Prototype Here (Windows)