Sons of Valhalla – Beta Demo

Sons of Valhalla is a Kingdom inspired 2D base-building strategy game with a big focus on player combat and one-on-one boss fights.

In Sons of Valhalla you take on the role of a Viking Jarl called Thorald Olavson who sets sail to save his beloved from her English captors. Unfortunately a storm wrecks your longboat and you wash up on the shores of England with little more than your sword and a shield. You can explore though, harvest resources, build a base, build an army and lay waste to enemy strongholds as you search for your love.

The Sons of Valhalla demo features the entire first island of the game and sees you attempting to demolish two English strongholds and facing off a valguard who may know where your beloved is. The exploration and base-building gameplay is pretty similar to the Kingdom games, but there’s much more focus on the (almost Soulsian) player combat. You can train and order soldiers into battle, but you can also use melee and ranged attacks, as well as blocking and dodging. You can’t take too much punishment, so you need to be careful, but you may be able to fight your way back to the living if you die.

It’s a very promising game with a great mixture of strategy and combat action. The pixel artwork is fantastic and the character movement is very smooth. A Viking adventure well worth setting sail with.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sons of Valhalla Beta Demo Here (Steam)