Soopa Vs The Universal Conquest Bagel – Game Jam Build Download

soopa vs

Soopa vs the Universal Conquest Bagel, an action platformer made for the Universal Conquest Bagel Jam, needs you to save the small country of Derpensnaans from evil, oversized bagels!

An enormous space-bagel full of power has targeted a little restaurant in this small town. This bagel was able to fire a beam of energy into the restaurant, causing all the food to turn evil and come to life. The country is completely overtaken by breadcrumbs and evil foods, with no military  to save it. It is up to you, a cat of sorts, to save the day!

Fighting off waves of bagels is quite the task. You can use your bare fists, but you might find that upgrading to some weapons would be much better. In this apocalyptic world, food is scarce. This allows you to trade the breadcrumbs you can find after beating your enemies for upgrades. There are a number of weapons that can be bought and used to defeat the deadly foods, at your friends shop. You can also unlock helpers, or sidekicks that are willing to help fight!  With the five tough missions to battle through, will you be able to beat the bagel boss?

Download Soopa Vs The Universal Conquest Bagel HERE (Win only)