sop3000 – Pre-Alpha Demo


sop3000 is a fun, fast paced sci-fi dogfighting simulator with intense aerial combat as players soar through the skies in fantastically agile spacecraft, defending their aircraft carrier, battling other spacecraft and taking out defense turrets.

sop3000 is very eay to pick up and play, with simple, intuitive controls and spacecraft super agile spacecraft that are a joy to pilot.  It aims to be an ‘old school shooter with smart components’, offering fast paced arcade thrills instead of serious flight simulation.

There are some tactics to the combat – such as the large floating bases, protected by force-fields, which can only be brought down by targeting the defense turrets first – but on the whole it’s all about the action.  It’s shaping up to be a great sci-fi dogfighter that won’t let realism get in the way of a good time!

Download or Play the Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Win & Browser)

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  1. Its a great game full of potential but as i was playing it i took the shield down and destroyed 2 buildings inside when the game decided to crash i do not know why it did this it might have just been my computer going wrong

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