Sorceress – Kickstarter Demo

Sorceress is a spellcasting first person action adventure where a powerful sorceress attempts to escape from a castle that’s home to a coven of evil witches.

In Sorceress you are a young sorceress who snuck into a castle belonging to The Sulgeri Witches. You were caught and now need to escape, but you’ll not only have to deal with the Witches’ minions, but a powerful parasitic force that haunts the castle.

To aid your escape you have a range of weapons and elemental magic. You can dual-wield, with a different weapon/spell in each hand, allowing for some powerful combinations. There’s also plenty of environmental interactivity and you’re pretty agile too, so you have a good amount of combat and traversal options at your disposal.

It’s a very promising game that has a charming retro aesthetic and a nice collection of combat options. It makes for a varied and cerebral first person action adventure that will put a spell on you.

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