Sorcerobe – Alpha Demo


Sorcerobe is a wonderful pixel art puzzle adventure in which you play a wizard’s robe on a quest to save it’s owner.

You may only be a robe, but you’re pretty handy at solving puzzles and kicking ass.  Each short level is a self contained puzzle, in which you must use your powers and handy boxes to make your way to the exit.  You start each level with no powers at all (not even the ability to lift boxes), and find a way to unlock them to assist your quest.  As you progress you’ll find a few different skills to play around with, and you’ll even fight enemies using Sorcerobe‘s odd, but entertaining sword swinging combat.

It’s still very early in development, but with it’s excellent pixel art animation,  inventive puzzle design and charming premise, Sorcerobe is a joy to play.  The only worry is that somewhere there’s a half-naked wizard freezing to death without his robe!

Download the Sorcerobe Alpha Demo HERE (Windows Only)