Sorry, We’re Open – Beta Demo

Sorry, We’re Open is a turn-based roguelite horror CRPG where you manage a supermarket, discover secrets and battle weird monsters.

Currently in development by Oates (creator of Nobody’s Home and No Delivery), Sorry, We’re Open is an RPG Maker based horror CRPG with roguelite elements, where you attempt to run a supermarket without dying. You work at your customer service counter during shifts, where you’ll encounter randomized events, recruit staff and fight enemies. After shift (or if you die) you can hang about the staff area or snoop around the supermarket to discover some secrets…

It’s a great game with a nice mixture of randomized roguelite events and a real sense of progression as you explore the supermarket between shifts. The pixel artwork is excellent and the turn-based combat offers a nice amount of challenge, while having some potent combinations of skills that can do some serious damage to enemies. Your character definitely deserves a raise though!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sorry, We’re Open Beta Demo Here (Windows)