SOS – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

SOS is very impressive new twist on the Battle Royale multiplayer survival shooter in which your personality is your biggest asset as you attempt to forge alliances and outwit opponents to snag one of the only 3 chopper seats off a monster-filled island.

Currently in development by the a team founded by the lead developers of Dead Space 1 and 2, SOS sees you and fifteen other players dropped into an island with an aim of retrieving a relic and escaping alive as part of a reality TV game show. However, there are only three seats on the chopper and there’s also hordes of monsters that aren’t too happy about you sneaking onto their island to stealing their relic!

It’s not impossible for lone wolves to escape the island, but to stand a better chance of success it’s best to form alliances with other players. This is done by using your own voice to communicate with other players and convincing them to trust you. Once you’ve earned their trust you can either work together, murder them and steal their stuff or just stab them in their back when they’ve outlived their usefulness – there are limited spaces on the chopper after all!

It’s a very impressive game that’s full of Hunger Games-style moments of uneasy face-offs, fragile alliances and backstabbing. There are monsters on the island, but the real threat comes in the form of your 15 fellow contestants and the fact that you use your voice to communicate with them makes it that much more personal.

We have 300 SOS Steam Alpha keys to Giveaway! To claim your Key, simply complete any 3 actions below and your key will appear in the widget instantly! The next Alpha will take place today and tomorrow between 9AM and 9PM PDT, but the keys also give access to future Alpha/Beta tests too, future test dates will be posted here (and you can also sign up for the Alpha there too).

SOS – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!