Soul Delivery – Alpha Demo

Soul Delivery is a beautiful narrative-driven 2D adventure which follows a little delivery robot in a post-human civilization of robots, as it sets out to deliver a package that could have ramifications for the entire colony.

In Soul Delivery you take on the role of a cute little bipedal delivery robot who is booted up with no memory and sent to deliver a mysterious package to an unknown recipient. Figuring out who the recipient may be tricky enough, but getting the package delivered will be a whole lot harder.

The current demo build of Soul Delivery takes around 30 minutes to play through and features a large slice of a bustling robot city to explore. There is a very minimal amount of platforming, but on the whole the game is more about exploration, narrative and puzzle solving. There are lots of robots to talk to, all of which are very friendly and there are lots of great little easter eggs to discover.

It’s a great game and even though there are some dramatic moments, Soul Delivery’s robotic world is a very pleasant place to explore and spend time in. The gorgeous neon-hued city is packed full of detail, the writing is very witty and there’s a real charm to the characters you meet. It’s certainly a much nicer place than our world at the moment!

Download The Soul Delivery Alpha Demo Here (Windows)