Soul Side – Game Jam Build

Soul Side is an incredibly tough puzzle platformer where you can’t control your character’s movement, all you can control are their abilities.

In Soul Side your character continually walks in whatever direction they’re facing until they hit an obstruction and turn around (or hit a hazard and die). You can’t control their movement, but you can control their abilities to help you get through each level. You have two different forms that you can switch between – one which can stop and slow down time and one which can double jump and smash boxes.

It’s a very tricky game that forces you to approach it in a very different way than a traditional platformer. The levels wouldn’t be very tough if you had full control of your character’s movement, but as you have to switch between character forms and use the relevant abilities before your character moves too far it’s very tricky. A clever twist on traditional platforming mechanics that will need some real skill to beat.

Play Soul Side Here (Browser)