Soulfire – Open Beta

Soulfire is a side-scrolling battle royale fighter with Souls-lite combat that pits 100 players against each other across beautiful 2.5D battlegrounds.

While most battle royale games spread their multiplayer action across large 3D battlegrounds, Soulfire places up to 100 players across a huge 2.5D side-scrolling fantasy world. It’s playable in team-based matches and sees players attempting to prove they’re worthy of keeping the “Soulfire” burning by proving their worth in combat. hey must then explore and face off against each other using a tactical Souls-lite combat system that allows for lots of different weapon types and spells.

There is a bit of a battle royale fatigue setting in at the moment with PC gamers but Soulfire looks set to offer a very different take on the genre and the combat is satisfyingly deep and skill-based. The Soulfire open Beta will be live until Jun 27th 21:00pm, so jump in now to see if you’ll be the last one swinging.

Download The Soulfire Open Beta Here (Steam)