SoulHunt – Alpha Build


SoulHunt is a cool ‘Hide ‘n Seek’ online multiplayer game inspired by the prop hunt mods, where you don’t hide behind objects, you hide inside them – you really can be anything from a table to a turd.

Teams are divided into hiders and seekers, the hiders can hide in anything they see (and we mean ANYTHING) with a goal of avoiding the seekers for as long as possible.  Thanks to your ability to possess any object, hiding in plain sight is easy, but it’s still not a walk in the park – the hunters can hear your heart beat by pressing ‘Q’.  Hiders can stop their heartbeat, but only for a short time, and once a seeker knows you’re in the area you’ll have to be pretty sneaky to avoid detection.

SoulHunt features one map at the moment (a large hospital), the main ‘hide and seek’ game mode and the ‘clown hunter’ seeker.  It’s still very early in development, but the core gameplay is solid and the devs have great plans to expand on it – with new maps, game modes, sfx & graphical upgrades, soul-trails, perks, currency and skill sets.  It’s already great fun in the current build though – whether you’re clown, a table, a coffee cup, a turd or a banana – you’ve never played a game of hide and seek quite like this!

UPDATE: SoulHunt is no longer in Alpha, but you can purchase it in Early Access or Play The Free Demo Build Here (Steam)

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