Soulitaire – Alpha Demo

Soulitaire features a cozy blend of supernatural fortune-telling, solitaire and choose your own adventure gameplay as you interpret cards to divine your customers’ futures.

In Soulitaire you are the brand new owner of a fortune-telling cafe where you use special soul cards to tell your customers’ fortunes. Each customer will come in and chat for a while, then you’ll break out the cards as you get down to business.

The card reading plays like a twist on the classic game of solitaire, with you attempting to turn over all of the uniquely arranged cards to reveal the special soul cards. These soul cards combine to form a picture, which you must try to interpret in a way that successfully answers your customer’s questions. There’s a little ambiguity to the pictures, so they can be interpreted in different ways depending on your choices.

It’s a very promising game that is far better than a narrative driven solitaire game has any right to be. The comic book art style is excellent, the characters are interesting and the card-based fortune-telling works really well. There are good fortunes ahead for Soulitaire.

Download the Soulitaire Alpha Demo Here (Steam)