Souls in Stone – Game Jam Build

souls in stone

Souls in Stone, a charming mini-metroidvania puzzle platformer made for One Game a Month, has you exploring a beautifully animated pixel art cave system, unlocking skills and finding souls.

This game, inspired by developer Raiyumi, has you moving around blocks in a beautiful world to uncover souls. These souls will then give you new abilities, which enable you to get to areas you could not get too before. Abilities like being able to pull rocks or climb walls really help solve some of the puzzles presented in the game. There are only four souls in total, but this challenging game will have you trying to figure out what to do. With little to no direction, you must figure out where to push blocks in order to open doors. Sometimes, buttons need to be pushed by you, other times they must have blocks on them.

Brown towers also dot around the levels, showing you where to go to get another soul. These provide the only guidance in game. There is also a hit on the game page for a specifically challenging level. There are no enemies, but water dotted around each area will kill you. It’s a fun and beautiful little game that packs a cerebral challenge with its inventive block pushing puzzles.  A charming soul searching mini-metroidvania.

Play Souls in Stone in your browser HERE