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Sound Typist is a fun little app that plays differently themed sound effects every time you type – from simple Typewriter clacking noises, to fireworks, crowds cheering or musical melodies!

Sound Typist is more of an app than a game, but it’s a fun little toy that helps relieve some of the drudgery of your day-to-day work so it deserves a shoutout on Alpha Beta Gamer. The concept is very simple – it’s a small app that runs in the background and makes sounds to accompany the key presses you make – a little like the “keyboard clicks” option on a mobile phone, but on a desktop computer and with 20 different themes of noises to choose from.

The sounds on offer range from simple clicks, pops and typewriter noises to crowds cheering, fireworks, a detuned piano and a variety of silly growling, squeaky, squelchy and burping noises. Although it’s likely to annoy other people in an office environment, it’s adds a little joy to the drudgery of typing. You can be typing an essay with a crowd cheering on with every letter you type, creating your own little musical soundtrack to your typing, listening in awe as you set off a gigantic imaginary firework display via your keyboard or you can just annoy your pets and colleagues with lots of squeaky noises.

Most of the novelty noises get irksome after a while, but what’s most surprising about Sound Typist the simple the simple clicks, pops and typewriter noises don’t – they really do add to the experience. In fact the Typewriter mode is a particular delight as not only does it feel like you’re clacking away at a good old mechanical typewriter, but each time your press “Return” you get that good old typewriter “Ding” noise – which really gives you a nice sense of accomplishment every time you finish a paragraph. It’s a great little app that really does make typing fun.

Check Out a “Gameplay” Video Here

Download Sound Typist Here (Windows)

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