South Park VR – Tech Demo

South Park VR

South Park VR allows you to roam the streets of South Park in first person, either with a standard monitor of with an Oculus Rift headset for the fully immersive experience.

The town has a layout that will be familiar to anyone who has played The Stick of Truth, and all the South Park residents roam the streets ready with a quick sound-bite (Terrance & Phillip are a particular highlight) when you get near.  While South Park VR isn’t really a game per se (you can’t really interact with anything), it’s fun to roam the streets spotting the various residents, landmarks and in-jokes.

Staying true to South Park‘s ethos, the animation is suitably shoddy, with the 2D characters on a 3D background working well to create an authentic version of the Colorado mountain town.  As far as Rift support goes, it’s probably a waste of cutting edge technology, but it’ll certainly make you smile if you’re a fan of South Park.  The in-jokes and sound-bites are what make South Park VR worthwhile, we won’t spoil it for you but MAKE SURE YOU GO INSIDE THE CHURCH!

Download the Tech Demo HERE (Win, Mac, Oculus Rift)

Play the Tech Demo in a Unity Supported Browser HERE