Souvenir – Game Jam Build Download

Souvenir game download

Souvenir is a charming and surprising little game in which an old man goes out for a walk to pick up some coffee.

Waking from a strange dream, you decide you could really do with a coffee – unfortunately you’re all out though, so will have to pop to the shop for some. The shop is quite a trek away, and you’re not the spryest of fellows, so it may take you a while to complete your little quest, but without giving away any spoilers, it’s a journey well worth taking.

Instead of being frustrating, the old man’s slow, sedate speed is a great piece of game design – he’s is in no rush to get where he’s going, and neither are you. Souvenir’s plodding pace forces you to slow down and savour the moment, enjoying your time with the old man, taking in the beautiful visuals and enjoying the interesting twists the game throws out at you.

Download Souvenir Here (Windows)