Souvenirs – Alpha Download


Souvenirs is a wonderful pixel art puzzle platformer that sees you exploring an intricate cave system in the dark, where you use sounds to visualise your environment.

You are lost.  Alone.  Searching for yourself.  You don’t see far.  In fact, you see nothing at all.  But you hear things… drops; water flowing; rocks falling, rolling… and a bell.  These environmental sounds, as well as the ability to throw rocks and other unlockable powers, help you visualise your surroundings, highlighting unseen ledges and allowing you to solve puzzles and progress through the labyrinthine underground tunnels.  There are also interesting picture puzzles, solved by moving the camera, which join together to create a storyboard, providing a welcome break from the darkness.

Souvenirs is a wonderful, solitary and slightly claustrophobic experience, with the all encompasing darkness capable of hiding many an instant-death fall, you’ll always be foraging forward with trepidation.   The darkness really does draw you in, making you focus on any glimpses of light.  An excellent spelunking experience.

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Download the Alpha HERE or HERE