Soviet Humour – Alpha Demo


Soviet Humour, an online multiplayer word game inspired by Cards Against Humanity has you censoring and uncensoring headlines to try and create the most hilarious result!

Soviet Humour draws inspiration from the JackBox Party Games and Cards Against Humanity, but provides a fun new Soviet-style censoring twist to create an excellent online game that’s full of laugh out loud moments.  In the game a ‘Censor’ is chosen at random for each round and is presented with a full news headline that they must then remove three words from and then show it to the other players (the Comrades). Each Comrade must then fill in the censored spaces as they attempt to create the funniest headline. Once everyone has typed in what they want, all of the new headlines will be displayed and the Censor will be able to pick the funniest one, earning points for the victor.

It’s a very funny game, with a clever concept based on the the idea of censorship and creating communist propaganda in the form of newspaper headlines. With 200 headlines to play around with and online matches of up to six players, Soviet Humour provides plenty of variety and wordplay fun. See what ridiculous headlines you can uncensor comrade!

Check Out a Soviet Humour Alpha Gameplay Video Here

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