Space Beast Terror Fright – Alpha Download

space beast terror fright

Space Beast Terror Fright (or ‘Aliens: The Awesome FPS Roguelike’ as it should really be known), is a super hard Aliens-inspired perma-death roguelike FPS full of tense gameplay and intense action.

You play a lone space marine on an alien infested spacecraft, who must brave the procedurally generated corridors in order to download a set amount of data cores and disable the reactor coolants before escaping via the airlock.  Once downloaded, these data cores each give you substantial random perks and upgrades, including an Aliens-style motion tracker, map unlocks and even Predator-style thermal vision.

You can even power-up sentry guns to help fend off the nasty xenomorphs – of which there are MANY, clambering across walkways, walls and ceilings.  Luckily your trusty gun is pretty bad-ass, and would certainly give Ripley’s Pulse Rifle a run for it’s money – just remember to use short, controlled bursts to conserve ammo (you’ll need it).

The Alpha Demo is fantastic, offering tons of re-playability due to it’s procedurally generated level design and satisfyingly tense gameplay.  The full game looks set to expand on this significantly, with a alien nests, multiple floors, outdoor areas, a variety of single and multiplayer game modes, the ability to play as a Space Beast, the commander of the marine forces, or even as the hive-mind of the Space Beasts.

2014 saw the release of the best Alien game ever made (to be fair there wasn’t much competition), now 2015 looks set to see the release of the best Aliens game ever made (albeit without the official licence).  Space Beast Terror Fright is a must for any fans of the Alien movies and old-school shooters – a tense and atmospheric roguelike corridor shooter full of nasty wall-crawling xenomorphs.  Game over man…

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Download the Alpha Demo HERE (via Nornware Launcher)