Space Berserkrs – Student Project Download


Space Berserkrs is an adrenaline fueled blend of first person shooting and a third person brawling with a 90’s Saturday morning cartoon feel (such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show.)

Created by five students from Vancouver Film School, you play as Captain Ulfar, the Space Viking, trying to save the galaxy form dangerous humanoid dinosaurs.  Taking around 15 minutes to complete, it’s non-stop action from start to finish as you take turns blasting enemies from your ship, then disembarking for some wonderfully cathartic 3rd person hack-n-slashery.

New gameplay elements and upgrades are introduced throughout the game so whether you’re blasting massive meteors or hacking your way through space dinosaurs, Space Berserkrs never gets a chance to get old.  It’s a fantastically fun romp with action that never lets up.  Space Berserkrs was created as a student project so another episode may never be forthcoming, but by Odin’s beard, we’d love to seem more of Captain Ulfar’s bite-sized adventures!

Check Out a quick Playthough HERE

Download Space Berserkrs HERE