Space Co-Op QWOP in a Coffee Shop – Game Jam Build Download

Space Co-Op QWOP in a Coffee Shop is a co-op game or single player QWOP-like that sees you trying to manoeuvre a spaceman around a coffee shop to complete a list of strange daily chores.

In Space Co-Op QWOP in a Coffee Shop you control your little astronaut with the WASD buttons and are able to grab things with the Q and E buttons if they’re in reach. You have a list of tasks that you have to complete, such as placing the dog behind the bar or being overly affectionate with a customer, but performing them is particularly tricky as you are in zero gravity and can only move your astronaut by firing the four thrusters on your backpack.

Each thruster exerts force in a different direction, but can be pretty hard to control due to the games realistic zero gravity physics. Short controlled burst are the best way to move around the coffee shop, but even then it’s likely you’ll end up spinning helplessly out of control at some point – especially if you’re playing in co-op with each player controlling a different thruster.

It’s a fun and frustrating little game full of chaotic QWOP-like hilarity as you wrestle with the controls and spin helplessly out of control. A quirky little zero gravity oddity well worth blasting off with.

Download Space Co-op QWOP in a Coffee Shop Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)