Space Docking Game – Game Jam Build

Space Docking Game

Remember the balletic space docking sequences from 2001: A Space Odyssey?  Well Space Docking Game allows you to recreate them (sort of), and it’s FAR trickier than it looks.

The goal of each level in Space Docking Game is (as you may expect) to safely dock your small cubic spacecraft in a small space station dock.  Things start off relatively easily, but the difficulty soon ramps up as you’re allowed direct control over more and more thrusters.  You’ll need a lot of patience for the later levels as you have to get the angle and trajectory of your ship just right in order to safely dock.

It’s a fun and fiendishly frustrating game – even the guys at NASA might struggle with some of the later docking sequences!

Note:  Some docking sequences (such as the one above) you don’t have forward thrusters for, so if you miss, make sure to press Return or Back on the Controller to restart the stage.

Play Space Docking Game in a Unity Supported Browser HERE (Control Pad Recommended)