SpaceJammers – Pre-Alpha Demo


SpaceJammers is super tough roguelike blend of top down shooter and bullet hell shoot-em-up, playable with up to four players, in which you play an alien rock band of space pirate kittens who loot spaceships to fund their music tour.

Gameplay in SpaceJammers is split into two distinctive sections – top down twin stick shooting and vertically scrolling bullet hell shoot-em-up action.  You immobilize ships in the shoot-em-up sections then board them to start the twin-stick sections – blasting enemies and looting the ships for cash and weapons.

These ship interiors are procedurally generated and filled with heavily armed enemies, which can be pretty tough if you’re playing alone, but a little easier in multiplayer.  Combat is fast and frantic (even with the games stylish slow-motion bullet time) making for some superb adrenaline-fuelled arcade action as rooms are filled with laser fire.

SpaceJammers is still very early in development, but it already impresses with it’s hyper-kinetic bullet-hell bullet-time arcade combat and unique blend of game styles.  Space jamtastic.

Download The SpaceJammers Pre-Alpha Demo HERE (Windows Only)