Space Rift – Kickstarter Demo

Space Rift is a rage-inducingly tough precision spaceship flying game where you attempt to manoeuvre your ship around hazardous areas where even the slightest collision can cause you to die.

While most 3D spaceship games are focused on dogfights and blasting enemy targets, Space Rift is more focused on testing your piloting skills as you manoeuvre around obstacles in your agile little spaceship. You control your flight direction entirely with the mouse, with you aiming in the direction you want to fly, and you can use the A/D keys to rotate and the S key to slow down.

The full game will feature more open level design and some enemy targets to blast, but the main focus will still be on pulling off air-manoeuvres and dodging obstacles. The current demo build highlights this by giving you a maze-like spacestation to fly through. It’s very tough and you’ll struggle to survive longer than a few seconds initially, but you’ll be amazed at the feats of precision flying you can pull off after a little practice.

The current demo build of Space Rift is a little rough around the edges and isn’t particularly visually impressive, but the core gameplay shows promise. It’s the equivalent of a rage-quit precision platformer for spaceship piloting – you’ll fail a lot and the obstacles can look impossible at first, but you can feel yourself getting better with every death, until you end up with flying skills that Poe Dameron would be proud of!

Note: Be sure to use the third spaceship when playing. You can’t access the playable level using the other two.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Space Rift Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)