Space Robinson – Beta Demo

Space Robinson is a hardcore roguelike twin-stick Sci-Fi shooter where you take not he role of an engineer who is sent to a remote colony that’s overrun by aliens.

Currently in development by Luxorix Games, Space Robinson is an Enter The Gungeon-esque hardcore roguelike action game where you blast your way through challenging procedurally generated levels packed full of aliens. When you die the colony base AI uses your DNA to recreate a clone of yourself and as you progress you’re able to upgrade the cloning units to improve your stats. Levels are full of unique high powered weaponry to collect and the game also has a day/night cycle, with more deadly aliens appearing during the night.

The Beta demo features a sizeable chunk of gameplay and offers a real challenge as you explore its colourful alien world. It’s s fun game with charming pixel art visuals, diverse enemies and fast paced twin-stick shooter gameplay. Well worth checking out for a bit of roguelike alien blasting fun!

Download The Space Robinson Beta Demo Here (Steam)