Spaceport Babel – Game Jam Build Download

Spaceport Babel is an odd little experience that recreates the joys of searching for your connecting flight gate in a sprawling alien spaceport!

In Spaceport Babel you find yourself standing in an alien spaceport with a ticket in your hand that displays the gate number you need to get to for your connecting flight. You don’t know the alien language and you can’t ask the aliens for assistance but if you pay attention to the symbols on your ticket it is possible to get to the right gate. Or rather it would be possible to make it to the right gate if they didn’t keep changing it.

There’s no real endgame to Spaceport Babel, it’s more of an experience than a game, but it’s an interesting place to explore and it’s quite fun attempting to decipher your gate numbers. It’s just a shame that aliens are as bad as planning flights as we are!

Download Spaceport Babel Here (Windows & Mac)