Spacewars – Beta Sign Up


Spacewars is a promising new massively multiplayer sci-fi hex strategy game that blends turn based and real time combat as asymmetric races battle for control of the galaxy.

In Spacewars races control regions of space and at the borders of these territories players do battle to defend or steal areas of the map. These battles can accommodate as many as forty players, and many battles can take place simultaneously across the map, with each race having as many as 1000 players on a server at one time. The end goal is to conquer the entire map, at which point a winner is declared and the war starts again.

Each player in Spacewars commands their own ship, doing battle on a 2D hex grid. There are three rounds to each move – a round for deciding power distribution between weapons and utilities, a round for movement and a round for firing. The choices made in each stage are all vital to your success, and you can often factor in environmental factors such as ion storms, nebulae and radiation zones to give you a strategic advantage.

Each race in Spacewars has markedly different attributes and a wide selection of ships to pilot. As players progress they’ll gain XP which can be used to level up the skills of your officers (helmsman, science officer, tactical officer, etc.) or use it to purchase more powerful warships, either of which will give you a distinct advantage in your next battle.

It’s an ambitious game with thousands of players taking part in strategic space-based warfare on a massive scale. Sign up now to join the fray.

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