Spark Rising – 3 Pre-Alpha Demos – RRR, Gaiden 2 & Titan Rising

spark rising

Spark Rising is a highly customisable build and battle sandbox game where you create fortresses and engage in massive battles.  You’ll the ability to create almost anything imaginable in-game, including units such as mechs, aliens, zombies, dinosaurs, monsters and robots, as well as a host of vehicles, artillery and defences.

To demonstrate the variety of creations available to players and to showcase the gameplay options, game developers – Wicked Loot – have released 3 different Alpha Demos, each with their own distinctive theme.  It’s not possible to fully build and create in the demos (though the second demo does allow some building functions), but they’re great fun none the less and offer a great demonstration of the gameplay, carnage and voxel based destruction.

The first Demo released was Retro Rising RAMPAGE (RRR), a fast-paced FPS arcadey homage to 8-bit NES era, with you playing as a Mega Man-esque character, fighting off shy guys.  The second demo – Gaiden 2: Build Play – allows you access to some of the building mechanics, with you building a fortress and battling in it.  Last but not least, there’s Titian Rising which has just been released, is by far the most spectacular of the three, with you fighting off a massive Titan which can completely destroy the voxel based terrain.

All three Pre-Alpha Demos offer up unique and entertaining experiences, whether it be retro charm, building fortresses or the spectacle of fending off a massive Titan.  Each one’s a great showcase for the vast possibilities of Spark Rising, a game that both nurtures creativity and embraces destruction.

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Download all 3 Pre-Alpha Demos HERE