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Spark Rising is a Build and Battle sandbox game, that crosses the voxel building sandbox gameplay of Minecraft with the massive battles of Star Wars Battlefront.

Build fantastical floating islands, fortresses, and creatures and then use them in battle.  Win battles and conquer battles throughout the galaxy, eventually using a 4X strategy mode to fight for territory against other players.

The game has already had a successful Kickstarter campaign and been Greenlit on Steam, The dev has just released an Alpha Demo that sees you fighting an a retro 8-bit inspired world, with a Mega-Man style blaster and fighting against Shy Guys who fire Bullet Bills at you.  Although there is no build mode in the Alpha Demo, It’s impressive that the entire level (including the player character and enemies) has been crafted by the in-game building tools that will be in the final release.

Spark Rising is shaping up to be an excellent game, a massive toybox where you can build whatever you like then blow it to smithereens.  Minecraft: Battlefront.

Download the Alpha Demo HERE