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Speak Easy is a narrative driven bartending simulator where you mix cocktails and chat to customers in a 1920’s prohibition era speakeasy.

In Speak Easy you take on the role of Ruth, a recently widowed bartender at an illicit speakeasy that’s set up in Chicago during the prohibition era. Taking place over the course of a few days, customers will come in and request different cocktails for your to mix and some of them will also chat for a while.

The cocktail mixing gameplay is great fun, with you able to look up whatever cocktail your customers ask for in your handy book, then grabbing, pouring, squeezing or shaking the various ingredients to make them. There’s a nice amount of intricacy to it, with you able to pour different sizes of measures, use a cocktail shaker, add individual ice cubes and even add little garnishes like mint sprigs or lemon spirals.

While you’re making the cocktails you’ll also chat to the customers, allowing you to learn more about their lives and Ruth’s life, while also unravelling a narrative that involves the Mob and the police who are cracking down on speakeasies in the area. The characters are interesting and there’s a real sense of drama as the main story unfolds.

Speak Easy does a fantastic job of blending intricate cocktail mixing mechanics with a compelling narrative and visual design that does a great job of recreating the prohibition era. There’s a nice sense of atmosphere in the speakeasy and there’s a real sense of danger underlying it all. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Speak Easy Here (Windows)

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  1. Thank you for the positive review! I was an artist on the project, It’s fantastic to see this kind of reception for our student game. I’m very glad you enjoyed it.


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