Speak of the Cloud – Game Jam Build

speak of the cloud

Speak of the Cloud, a wonderfully animated point and click adventure, has you trying to save your stubborn grandfather who won’t leave his house.

An alien invasion has started in your area. Everyone is evacuating as soon as they can, but your stubborn, old, grandfather seems to think that the aliens are not a problem. He’d much rather sit in front of his TV and ignore the UFO’s swarming around the town. Watching a tennis match seems to be the only thing he is interested in. He feels that if he ignores the aliens, they will leave him and his precious TV alone. It is up to you to get this old man off of the sofa and out of the apartment.

This short game takes place in a relatively small apartment building. Using the objects around you, you must talk to neighbors and come up with some solution to get your grandpa to leave the room. Hooked to the TV, will you be able to make this man get out, for his own good?  Speak of the Cloud was made for Adventure Jam and the devs plan to expand on it into a fully fleshed out version.  We can’t wait to see where the developers, Mechanic Moon Studio, take this game next as it’s already a charming, humorous and delightfully drawn adventure.  A cloud with a very silver lining.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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  1. Thanks for the article, We are working in improving the game, stay stunned with the new additions and the end of the chapter ;-)

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