Spectrum Break – Alpha Demo

Spectrum Break Game Download

Spectrum Break is a very cool physics based puzzle platformer in which you jet board across zero gravity blocks to light them up and bash them into other blocks.

The goal in each level of Spectrum Break is to light up all the floating blocks in the area. You can do this by either jet boarding across them or by bashing ones that are already lit up into unlit ones. The blocks that make up the levels are all suspended in zero gravity so they’re quite easy to move, but it also makes surfing across them quite tough!

It can be a little tricky to get to grips with initially, but once you figure it out Spectrum Break offers a very fluid, freeform platforming experience. With no set routes through each level you’re able to tackle each one any way you like and the way the blocks move when you come into contact with them means you have to react and adjust your trajectory on the fly.

It’s still early in development, but Spectrum Break has great potential, with stylish minimalist visuals, snazzy particle effects and addictive physics based platforming gameplay that’s a joy to see in motion. Super cool zero gravity boarding well worth checking out.

Download The Spectrum Break Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)