Speed Fragment – Alpha Download

speed fragment

Speed Fragment is a cool futuristic racer inspired by F-zero and Wipeout that focuses on blistering speed and well designed tracks built out of some seriously retro looking polygons.

The Alpha Demo features two tracks, three different speed classes and two different ships.  Obviously the finished game will be packing a lot more features (including Online Multiplayer and Oculus Rift Support), but the Alpha Demo is certainly a great taster for what’s to come.  There’s a great sense of speed in Speed Fragment (especially in the higher speed classes), thanks partly to the retro visuals and also the rollercoaster-like racetracks, with loops, jumps, corkscrews and multiple routes for you to master.

The visuals are a particular stand-out for the game, making it feel remarkably similar to F-Zero X on the N64, but without the fog and with lots of cool sprite-like jaggy edges.  It’s shaping up to be a great racer, giving you a retro racing fix but with the benefit of modern game design.  Be warned though, it may melt your eyes when they implement the planned Oculus Rift support!

Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac)