Speed Limit – Alpha Demo

Speed Limit is an adrenaline-fuelled arcade game that blends together a variety of different retro action gaming genres – from blasting missile boats with an attack chopper to side-scrolling shoot-outs on speeding trains.

The gameplay in Speed Limit is all about speed and skill as you fight for your life in various high danger scenarios. Each scenario has a very different style of gameplay, so you may find yourself in a side-scrolling shooter set on a speeding train, a top-down high-speed car chase, a faux 3D bike race through traffic, a Desert Strike-esque isometric attack chopper mission or a Space Harrier style arcade dogfight with fighter jets and a massive gunship.

The current demo build of Speed Limit features the side-scrolling arcade shooter section of the game and sees you attempting to blast your way through a train full of heavily armed guards. It’s VERY tough and you’ll do well to last more than a few seconds on your first attempts, but as you get to grips with it you’ll make it further through the train. The key is to keep moving and to know how to deal with specific types of enemies (such as the riot shield guard who just bounces bullets right back at you).

As punishingly tough as it is, Speed Limit is also very addictive and keeps you coming back for one more go. It can be hard to see bullets at times, but the pixel art animation is fantastic and the controls are very responsive. An addictive adrenaline-fuelled arcade adventure well worth checking out.

To download the Speed Limit Demo you first need to install the Discord App on your PC. Then join the Speed Limit Discord server and react to the latest post in the #Announcements channel. You’ll then be DM’d by a bot with a link to claim thew demo from the Discord Store. The Speed Limit Demo will then be in your Discord game library and you can play it via the Discord App.

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