[Speer] – Beta Download

[Speer] is a fun retro styled puzzle platformer in which you use a speer (which is ‘like a spear but cooler’) to help climb walls, blow up barrels and activate switches as you make your way through the games well designed single screen levels.

In [Speer] you control a little pixelated character who has the ability to throw a large speer at objects to interact with them or into walls to use them as a platform. The game starts off fairly easily, with you simply having to make it to the exit, but as you progress it introduces lots more elements (switches, spikes, bounce pads, explosive barrels, keys, etc.) that allow for more intricate and challenging level design.

It does take a few levels to really get going, but once you get onto the more complex levels that level design really shines. It’s simple retro visuals belie some satisfyingly complex puzzles that require precision platforming and some real thought to complete. A stylish retro puzzle platformer with some great level design and speer hurling gameplay that’s well worth taking a stab at.

Download The Beta Here (Windows)