Spellfolio – Beta Demo

Spellfolio is a deck-building defensive shoot ‘em up where a mage casts spells from atop a tower to repel waves of monsters.

In Spellfolio you control a mage who stands on a turret and attempts to fight off waves of monsters that are attacking a castle. You start with an assortment of basic fireball spells, but after each round you get to swap one out for something a little more interesting, such as summon spells or multi-fireball spells. All these spells cost mana which regenerates over time. You’ll also need to deal with quests and boss battles as you progress too.

It’s an easily accessible and very addictive game with a great pixel art visual style, fast-paced gameplay and a nice variety of spells to procure. See if you can acquire a powerful enough Spellfolio to survive in Spellfolio!

Download The Spellfolio Beta Demo Here (Steam)