Spellweaver – Beta Key Giveaway

Spellweaver is an impressive new trading card game (TCG) we fist covered last month, full of rich fantasy lore, that combines the deep strategic tactics of Magic: The Gathering with the ease of access of Hearthstone.

Currently in Closed Beta, Spellweaver features a large selection of cards from six different factions, pandering to different play-styles.  Battles are fast and fun, with customisable hero skills and the ability to counterattack your enemies.

Spellweaver is free-to-play but uses a well structured play model which is not ‘pay-to-win’, and features two single-player campaigns, multiplayer duels and tournaments and regular updates.  Even in the Beta stage of development, it’s a very slick game, with excellent artwork, intuitive gameplay and plenty of depth.

We have 400 Beta Keys and 20 Silver Beta Keys to Giveaway!  The Beta Keys include a 7500 Gold bonus, while the Silver Beta Keys include an extra pre-made deck, a daily reward of 100 gold and a weekly reward of 1 Small Pack for a year!   We’ll be giving away the Beta Keys via the Godankey Widget Below and the Silver Beta Keys via our official Facebook page.

UPDATE: Giveaway Finished. Better luck next time!

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