Spellweaver – Open Beta


Spellweaver is a great new lore-rich online digital trading card game (TCG) that we first covered during it’s Closed Beta, that blends the ease of access of Hearthstone with the deep strategy of Magic: The Gathering.

Now nearing the end of it’s development cycle, Spellweaver has entered Open Beta and it really is looking like something that can compete with the big boys os the TCG genre.  Players can compete in friendly or ranked quick battles, Trials mode and even take part in quests across a large world map.  It offers achievements, a crafting system, and great artwork spread across the 210 cards to collect, all with a fair unlock speed (so no pay to win).

It’s also been Greenlit on Steam, so expect to see it hit the store in the near future.  But if you can’t wait to become part of the blossoming community, you can join in the Open Beta now, and kick everyones asses once it hits Steam!

Sign Up for the Spellweaver Beta HERE