Spherical Adventure – Beta Demo

Sperical Adventure

Spherical Adventure is a beautiful puzzle platforming game where you control a a Gold ball that’s due to be destroyed in a world where Silver is King.  You have other plans however, and set out to escape your untimely demise.

The game uses Unreal Engine 4 so the visuals are fantastic, full of nice lighting effects and utilising realistic physics.  It’s also worth noting that there’s an unsettling amount of molten gold throughout the levels, which you can only assume is the remnants of your fallen spherical comrades.  The game plays a lot like Marble Madness or Super Monkey Ball (The original, not the increasingly dire sequels), but with unlockable powers (such as dashing or jumping) which allow for some increasingly complex level design..

Spherical Adventure is shaping up to be a great puzzle platformer, with excellent visuals and the ball rolling fun of Super Monkey Ball, but without the annoying monkeys.  Show those nasty Silver balls what for, give it Au’ll you’ve got!

Download the Beta Demo & check out the IndieGoGo page HERE.