Spherical Delight – Game Jam Build Download

Spherical Delight is a short, stylish and challenging little arcade action game where you attempt to avoid objects (and yourself) as you navigate little Super Stardust-esque planetoids.

Created for the Four Game Developers Jam Off the Same Art Kit jam (this time using these assets), Spherical Delight sees you controlling a little spaceship that leaves a Snake-like trail behind it. In each level your aim is to survive for a set amount of time – which is easier said than done because if you stop moving then you die, if you hit an obstacle then you die and if you hit your tail then you die.

It’s a simple little game and it only takes a few minutes to play through, but it’s got a great visual style, it offers a nice amount of challenge and it’s very addictive. See if you can survive this stylish spherical delight!

Download Spherical Delight Here (Windows)