Sphysics – Game Jam Build

Sphysics is a super tough physics based platformer that sees you rotating the levels to guide a ball through 15 hazard filled levels (and 2 near-impossible bonus ones).

Sphysics plays a little like the bonus levels of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, with you controlling the movement of the ball by rotating the game world rather than having direct control of the ball itself. Gravity always acts downwards, so by rotating the levels you can guide the ball through the many deadly hazards. There are 15 main levels to make your way through, split up into three different colored worlds. Things start off fairly easy early on, but you’ll need some real skill to beat the later levels (and the patience of a saint if you fancy attempting the 2 bonus levels!)

It’s a simple looking, but addictive and very challenging game. Surprisingly, for such a tough game, it isn’t particularly rage-inducing as the controls are very precise, but you do get an incredible feeling of accomplishment after you pull of miraculous feats of gravity bending platforming agility. A simple and well crafted physics based platformer well worth taking for a spin.

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Sphysics Here (Windows & Mac)