Spider Fox – Beta Demo

Spider Fox is a bizarre third person action platforming adventure where a spider/fox hybrid helps save animals that have been combined together by a mad scientist.

In Spider Fox a Dr Moreau-esque mad scientist has created a machine that can instantly combine two totally different animals. His island is now filled with them and you are his latest experiment – a web-slinging spider/fox hybrid. Unfortunately for the scientist your webs have the ability to transform the animals back into their original counterparts so you set forth on an adventure to free them all.

The actual action platforming gameplay in Spider Fox is pretty generic, but the real appeal lies in discovering all the weird hybrid animals on the island. They’re all different hybrids, from zebra-sheep to snake camels and they all look utterly bizarre. And possibly the most bizarre of all is you – the way your freaky little spider-fox looks and moves is both horrifying and fascinating. It all makes for a fun foxy adventure with lots of weird and wonderful sights.

Download The Spider Fox Beta Demo Here (Steam)