SpiderHeck – Open Beta

SpiderHeck is a stylish 2D platform brawler where agile spiders use laser-swords and an assortment of other badass weaponry to blow each other to pieces.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in March, SpiderHeck is a fast paced brawler that essentially lets you kick ass as a Jedi spider. It’s playable in single-player, co-op PvE multiplayer and competitive multiplayer, and sees you slicing and blowing up enemies in a variety of different arenas.

The current build of SpiderHeck features a local Vs mode and a survival mode with roguelike elements. In both modes your agile spider can jump, swing and crawl around the arenas, collect weapons and use them to vanquish enemies. After you beat three waves of enemies in the survival mode you can then choose a random perk and the next arena to do battle on. It’s a lot of fun, but you need to keep your guard up – it only takes one hit to kill you.

SpiderHeck’s fabulous fusion of spiders, laser-swords and OTT weaponry is a ton of fun. The agility of the spiders allows for some pretty spectacular battles and something especially satisfying about landing a killer blow with a laser-sword. Highly recommended.

Download The SpiderHeck Open Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)