Spindle – Kickstarter Demo

Spindle is a charming Zelda-esque top-down action adventure where the Grim Reaper and a cute little pink pig set out to return death to the world.

Something is very wrong with the world in Spindle – nobody is dying anymore. If nobody dies then the world will turn to chaos so it’s up to Death and his cute little piggy to venture out into the world and see how they can fix it.

The gameplay in Spindle is pretty similar to Legend of Zelda, with you able to explore the world, discover secrets, fight in real-time, find useful equipment and battle powerful bosses. It takes around 15 minutes to play through the demo and it has a nice mixture of puzzles and combat (and once you’ve completed it there are a few other fun secrets to find).

It’s shaping up to be a great little old school top-down action adventure with fun characters, excellent pixel art animation, an interesting game world and fast paced gameplay. Grab your scythe and start your journey to restore the natural order.

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Download The Spindle Kickstarter Demo Here (Steam)