Spinning Around – Game Jam Build Download

Spinning Around

Spinning Around, a revolving platformer made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you solving puzzles and climbing a tower to save a robot princess.

In this 3D puzzle game, you are a simple robot looking to save his love. Your robot princess is trapped in a circular staircase much like your own, only it is very short, not able to reach the top. As you move around your outer staircase, you will collect orbs to allow her staircase to grow – but these orbs are not always straightforward to collect.

It is quite simple to solve these little puzzles and move closer to the top, but it is relaxing and fun to just enjoy the game. As you get higher, you can watch your princess climb the staircase with you. Once you have collected all the orbs and made it to the top, you will reunite with your love.

Climb this staircase and rescue the one you love in this charming puzzler well worth taking for a spin.

Download Spinning Around Here (Windows Only)