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Spinnortality Game Download

Spinnortality is an addictive cyberpunk strategy game that puts you in charge of a ruthless megacorporation as it attempts to spread across the world by researching technology, launching products, manipulating the media, crushing the opposition, influencing politicians and many more shady tactics.

In Spinnortality you’re at the head of a giant megacorporation and have a series of short term, medium term and long term agendas – the short term and medium term agendas give you useful bonuses when you achieve them but the long term goals are victory conditions that require you to fulfil a list of objectives for the win. Also, your interests aren’t just in the business – you’re only human so you will die eventually, that is unless you manage to find a means to extend it by transferring your consciousness into a new host, using research and a lot of money.

You make money by researching and launching products in different continents across the globe. Researching products is expensive as it takes time and employees to create a final product, and it’s not even a guaranteed success once complete. Each country has different cultural traits that influence how likely the population will take to the product you are launching. You can influence the masses a little by buying shares in the media, but it’s expensive and takes time. Some countries may just flat out ban your products due to their legislation – at which point you can start bribing politicians to bend them to your will. But as with the advertising, it’s expensive and takes time.

As you progress you’ll need to deal with rival corporations, using corporate espionage, sabotage or brute force tactics to squeeze them out of the marketplace. The deeper you get into the game the more underhanded activities you can carry out, using your hacking social and military links to carry covert ops, rigging elections, assassinating politicians, blackmailing, inciting riots and crashing stock markets. In fact, there’s no end to the nefarious deeds you can perform as you delve deeper into the rabbit hole of corruption.

It’s a highly addictive game with stylish visuals a well designed UI and deep strategic gameplay that can really suck you in as you attempt to spread your insidious megacorporation across the globe. There’s no rest for the wicked as you deal with managing your workforce, researching technologies, launching products, influencing the media, shaping political agendas, carrying out an endless list of illegal activities and attempting to transfer your consciousness into a new body. It’s all go for an evil CEO – maybe in your next life you can have some time off though! Highly recommended.

Tip: On the product launch window, while hovering over a ‘Spin Angle’ launch strategy you can hold the right mouse button down to allow you to select ‘Focus Test’, which will tell you the main cultural traits your product will appeal to.

Note: The dev is keen to get feedback and thoughts on the game, and would especially like some feedback on the Mac & Linux versions. If you have any feedback please leave comments below or contact the dev via twitter.

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Download The Spinnortality Beta Here (Win, Mac & Linux – Download the “v0_85” versions)

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  1. In the mac version, while it says that after you complete the AI projects, you can ‘hire’ AIs of the unlocked type like regular workers (and get one for free)…this doesn’t happen. They don’t appear in the menu, and you don’t appear to get the free one. (Unless there’s some plot going on where your AI researchers are fooling you and the press on completing these projects, and wasting/stealing massive amounts of money, this doesn’t make sense.)

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