Spinster: A Cat Lady Game – Alpha Demo

Spinster a cat lady game

Spinster: A Cat Lady Game is a very silly blend of Snake, mad old cat ladies and terrible puns in which you attempt to find all the cats in the small town of Downtown Tabby.

The gameplay in Spinster: A Cat Lady Game will be immediately familiar to anyone who’s played Snake – simply avoid objects and collect cats to grow a long trail of following feline companions.  You’re constantly on the move, so will need some quick reflexes to avoid obstacles and avoid tripping over your ever-increasing trail of cats.

The town of Downtown Tabby is filled with hazards that can put a premature end to your cat gathering mayhem – often with comic effect, thanks to the use of ragdoll physics.  As well as avoiding everyday objects such as lamp-posts and traffic, you’ll also have to deal with some of a spinsters worst enemies – young people, aliens and the passage of time (darkness).  Although visually it’s not exactly going to set the world on fire, there are a lot of nice little touches – the best of which are the names of the cat that are displayed as you ‘rescue’ them – all pun based versions of famous celebrities (such as Brad Kitt, Licky Minaj, Cindy Clawford, Lionel Itchy and Jean-Clawed Van Damme)

To call Spinster: A Cat Lady Game a great game is probably a stretch, but it is a fun bit of cat-based gaming madness that’s bound to raise a smile – particularly with those ridiculous puns!

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Download The Spinster: A Cat Lady Game Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)