spirit kickstarter

Spirit is a wonderful pixel art game where you’ll stroll through the beautiful landscapes and uncover the long forgotten past of an ancient temple.  Featuring an art style and gameplay reminiscent of Swords & Sworcery EP, it’s a side scrolling adventure where you play a retired old man who’s intrigued by stories of a nearby mysterious temple.  He sets of on an adventure find the temple and it soon becomes apparent that “Something magical awaits you beyond this world”.

Having already surpassed it’s $4000 Kickstarter goal by almost $3000, Spirit is well on it’s way to it’s stretch goal of $8000, which is to make a full on sequel to Spirit as soon as they’ve finished making the first game.  It’s an ambitious stretch goal but Spirit certainly deserves it’s kickstarter success, it’s a charming game, full of character, humour, warmth  and beauty.

Visit the Kickstarter page and Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Mac & Win)